Morigirl Hairstyles -DIY

source: Mori Girl Vol.3

*Please note that these aren’t translations, but the methods I would use to achieve these hairstyles*

The things you need:

2 big hair rollers , 1 Curling Iron, a hair comb, hairspray fix, hair gel or a curling hair cream.

Before you do this hair style, you do need to have bangs and your hair length must be right. This would be harder to achieve if you re-bonded hair. If you have natural wavy hair, that is perfect! But if you do need to have it curled, make sure the curls are big and loose curls.Remember that you’re going for the wavy hair look, not a curly dolly look.

1. If you have bangs, preferably a thick one, separate two sections of it. The first section should be  where your hairline starts and the second section, starts from the middle point of your bangs, divided between the hair line area. This is to give it a greater volume. Apply some curling cream, and use the big rollers and roll them forward.

2. Alternatives to making it curl: 1. using curling iron, 2. using heat and rollers, 3. Use a round brush and a hairdryer using the “blow-out” method, the size of the brush matters. You can use this methods for the whole look. It depends on what you’re comfortable with and which methods work best. If you’re using the roller or the curler, use a bigger roll setting. Just bear in mind that the curls aren’t exactly curls. What you can do is roll them half way in between the top part of you hair and the bottom part of your hair. You can be most random at this.

3. You can use hair gels but make sure it’s not the wet look kind. Arrange your bangs randomly to look a little messy but concentrate more on the upper part and not the lower part of it as that gives you volume support.

4. Arrange the rest of the hair especially the sides and back. Scrunch up your curls with your hand and make sure there are no tight curls as it’s suppose to look wavy and you’re done!

But wait! What if you have flat hair? If you think you don’t have much volume, here’s a tip. Take the back part of your hair or the area that you want to make it full. Take about 2/4 or 1/4 of your hair or depending on how much you want, however you must make sure that this part can be covered by the top part of the hair. Use the comb and tease it.  Don’t forget to spray to fix it as well. What this does is create a foundation underneath. Once you place back the top part of the hair, adjust to your liking! You’ll see that you’ll have more volume.

This look is much easier to achieve. You can use these methods as seen in picture 1 and 2

for the above look for short hair.

1. Curl your hair with the big iron curler starting from the mid bottom part where the

curls start. You can do this almost randomly as you’re going for the natural look and not

the prim and proper look.

2. You can also use the flat iron to do this. Take the bottom part of your hair and iron it

to the direction that you want. When you’re doing the “curve area”, iron it a little longer

on that spot before letting it go.

3. scrunch up your hair and arrange it accordingly.

If you want a longer lasting curl or wave, you can apply some curling setting cream before

you iron or curl and to make it stay even longer, you can fix it with the hair spray but make sure you don’t use too much as you don’t want to have a very stiff hair!

Hope this was useful 🙂