Nail art Inspiration & Tutorial

I feel bad for not updating as often as I should but I have been feeling rather ill lately. So Instead i’m going to introduce some nail art and tutorials. I’m not saying that mori girls really do have nail art in their fashion but I think it’s a cute touch occasionally, though most of the time french tips would be great. As a mori girl though, I prefer short nails, but I know there are girls who are part time mori, part time loli, part time gyaru etc etc :3 So if you have long nails then this would be great, otherwise you can buy those fake paste on nails. There are lots of great nail art tutorials out there for lolitas, so the few I selected are the ones i feel that might match some mori aspect. ( you still need long nails for these and…lots of practice.)

Lady Bugs


I love this one, it looks so refreshing.

Romanian Folklore

Not  a tutorial but I thought this reminds me of dolly kei. The folklore element is really nice though I cannot imagine going around with nails like that. It looks messy from afar but it can really be appreciated when you look closely. It looks like art pieces on nails and that is pretty awesome.