Blazers – Ephne

Blazers are not a common thing in Mori girl fashion but I’ve decided to include it here because I’m very sure that as much as we love mori girl fashion, sometimes it’s not really appropriate for certain occasions. That doesn’t mean you should chuck your mori girl clothes to one side. Instead, one article of clothing can change the whole look. For example, the belt, can make a lot of difference in a mori Girl outfit, you can either dress down or dress up. Thats the great thing about mori girl fashion. Similarly, I find that these blazers are all it needs for these looks to make them look a little bit more smarter. I think it’s a great way to quickly change up the look. “Coordismart” !

The color choices matches well with mori clothes as well. For me it becomes very smart casual.

The mixing and matching of different clothing works very well too. I find that i can wear my mori clothes with other normal everyday clothes and mix and match them. It’s a good way to keep using the clothes rather than wear them on certain occasions only.