Hair Accessories

What is a complete look without hair accessories? Dolly Kei and Mori girl sometimes have similar hair accessories and can be used for either styles. I’m not very big on the fur hats and it only make sense for me to wear it during cold days. I also know that a number of western Mori girls may not like fur. The good thing it’s an optional look. I know I don’t look good in fur hats because I’ll really look like some kind of Yeti.


No.2 hair accessory would look great with Dolly kei outfits but it seriously freaks me out a little. Whether it’s a fake rabbit or not…that looks creepy to me.

Wearing a certain style or trend, one must always have two simple rules in mind. 1. Do you think you look good in it? What works for others may not work for you. Alternatively, you should do it according to what is suitable for you and flatters you the best be in in body shape, skin color and other factors. 2. Does it make you feel good? Most importantly, you must feel good wearing it and only then will you enjoy it and it boosts up your confidence for sure.


Remember, wear the style or trend, but don’t like it wear you!