3 Non-Mori Shops I can’t live without.

You’d be happy to know that be it in Singapore, Japan, London or Paris, the Uniqlo collection is complete and just the same. Only difference is, the Uniqlo in Paris near the Opera Station has pretty LED lights!

and yes….I pretty much stood in front of this for a good 3 mins. I’m a little obsessed with certain shops, so much that every country I go to, I’ll visit as many branch as I can. Good thing about Uniqlo, there’s always a very mori girl section. Alot of their collection can be used for Mori girl clothes. My favourite would be their collaboration with other designers. My all time favourite mori dress was from Uniqlo’s designer collection from Suzuki Takamiya. This was the same dress I wore to London Fashion Week 2010 . This one is a dress down version. I literally had to run over to Primark to get me some heels and accessories! Wish I had coordinate this better though.  However, please take note, especially if you visit asian countries. There are tons of design so similar to Uniqlo with a cheaper price. I would personally go for the cheaper option. BUT! if you really want quality, especially their cotton, then I’ll say, the money you spend on that Uniqlo Item is worth it.

Moving on! Primark in the UK is one of those places I can’t resist to go in and come back with something. It has really affordable £2 jewelery and nice brown mori gloves. If you look around, you can find mori-able knits, like the knitted beret that I’m wearing in the photo,  cardigans and really cheap Oxford shoes. If you’re visiting UK, it’s one of the shopping places you need to visit but I warn you that it gets really crowded at the Oxford street branch. Living in a small town like Loughborough, although the primark here is smaller, it almost feels like you got this place to yourself. It’s true! It is less crowded and you don’t really have to fight with anybody.

Lastly, H&M, like Uniqlo, I pretty much visit it everywhere in Europe and parts of UK, currently waiting for the opening of H&M in Singapore this year! Good news for us H&M fans. Amidst the trendy clothes lies a section of clothes that catches my eyes. That being the linen and cotton type clothing made in India. Great quality and so lovely to wear. Apart from the simple linen wear, the Indian prints which I can use for dolly kei-esque casual wear or even mori. Ranges about £20-£30. Go check it out if it’s within your area.