Tartan fever – Syrup

Walking around the shopping malls, I keep seeing tartan in my favorite mori-like stores. It definitely is nothing new. I remember very well that Uniqlo released a number of tartan patterned clothing last spring/autumn 2010. If you’re in Singapore, Check out L.A.L.U for those tartan dress tops, they go for about $60 SGD. I’ve not been to Uniqlo for awhile, so I’m not very sure if they might still have any. Do check it out though, as sometimes they do sell their last season items for a cheaper price.

This year’s Iedit issue with Syrup features a little pop of color! Never thought about this color scheme but it’s interesting and exciting. Of course if you’re wearing and overly busy looking dress like tartan (depending on the colour e.g muted or loud), go easy on the stocking/leggings,especially printed ones.


For these types, wearing a bright pink stockings like that would still work! I can’t help but think that this girl is a mori girl who just stepped out from a grimoire cult party event and had no time to change her stockings! Again i think it’s still a matter of styling when it comes to defining it as mori. I feel that, it may feel a little preppy at times if i put the dresses above with those stockings. What makes it mori identity to me here is the way the cut of the dress is made. It’s really interesting though and it shouldn’t stop any one from trying out something new and fresh.

This, if i’m not wrong is one of Uniqlo’s 2010 collection. It’s on sale by the way on the website for £6.99 and that is a huge discount. Not sure if they still would have the other colors, but I remember it coming in green, purple, red and blue.

This is similar only it’s not in the same cut. You can find a lot of similar looking ones around. So go do some shopping already!