Oh Rainy Days! – Syrup

Of Basic dress tops, wellingtons and scarves! Looking cute on a rainy day is possible as Syrup has shown us!

Aren’t the wellingtons cute? These can easily be bought at Primark for an affordable price. Of course there are other options that you should always source out for. Swimmer also has really cute wellingtons.

Basic dress tops like this can be paired with another inner shirt as seen in the above photo. (That is of course absolutely great if you live in cooler temperatures. However, at your own risk, if you live in warmer temperatures, wearing and extra layer should be left very optional. If layering is still on the mind, trading an inner shirt for a vest would do pretty well). These basic dress tops could be coordinate as a casual look to even smart casual.


Additionally adding some tartan patterned or even floral patterned scarves adds color and keep the look interesting (and warm!) .