My Jewellery/Accessories Collection

I’ve been wanting to post this for a very long time. I finally am able to since I’ve just added some more to my collection. The only thing missing is my beloved reindeer ring from TopShop. That aside, here are a few of my  favourite accessories.

I’m not really a fan of bangles but these two I wear often depending on my color scheme. The one on the right is from H&M and I wear it when I do dolly kei, as for the left bangle, I wear it for mori girl but sometimes I might even use it for dolly kei, this one is from Rubi, which can also be found at Cotton On. They are all below $10.

Not featured here are my sparrow and owl earrings. I just bought this last month for $4 and i’ll likely use it for dolly kei as it looks weird when I wore it with a mori coordinate.

I have a fondness for owls…as you can see here. Owl necklaces! I own a number of necklaces but this is a few of my favourites.

All of them range below $20 SGD. You can find similar or even identical ones in UK only it cost alot more! I just got the smaller owls today from Cotton On. The owl with the glass is from Opia (which is made in Dublin). The middle broken owl…shows that I use it way too much.

More necklaces! My lace and soft wood necklace and my reindeer art necklace by Aki. You can get Aki’s necklace or art pieces at Portobello Market in London, UK. She’s a sweet asian lady with awesome art and necklaces, goes for  10GBP. I’m not sure if she has an online website but I hope she does, if I do find it, I’ll share. The other necklace was about $11 dollars from paperdollshop.

Finally my rings, as mentioned earlier, I wish I had my reindeer/Stag TopShop Ring to show, sadly not but here are the ones I have for now. The one on the left is from Opia (also from dublin) but I bought it at Primark for 2 GBP. The other one, I just bought under RUBI , cost me $14.95 SGD at Cotton On.


I hope I can inspire some ideas on jewellery/ accessories. Some of these Items are still available to be purchased from the shop mentioned above. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak of my small collection! 😀