TOMS – Support the Cause

Brand and Cause Introduction

TOMS is a pair of shoes that with every purchase, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for one. I think this is a great cause that I hope my readers would one day support! This is because there are many children in developing countries like Argentina who go around barefooted. Seems like nothing right? Unfortunately, they don’t just go around barefooted in the house, but doing and going around everywhere without them and this puts them at risk.

In developing countries, these children are exposed to soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. The most obvious reason why they need to have shoes is to prevent them from getting cuts and sores. If they are walking around with cuts and sores, it is likely to get infected and can put their health and life at risk. Apart from that, the schools in developing countries requirers their students to have shoes as part of their uniform. Not having shoes prevents them from getting the education they deserve. By giving them a pair of shoes, you are giving them hope for their future, an opportunity to realize their potential.

For my Vegan friends and readers, TOMS has Vegan Shoes as well!

Vegan Shoes

Vegan Shoes

Vegan Shoes


I foresee that more brands will collaborate with TOMS for their designs. Brands that has already collaborated with them are, Ralph Lauren and Element Skateboards. I do hope to see a Japanese brand collaborate with them.

Mori Girl, TOMS and AliceGrimoire’s Picks

I support Tom’s cause and not only that, I think they can also go well with mori girl towards the more natural kei side. Either ways I think they do work well with Mori girls and they’re nice and comfortable. Their trade mark shoes cost from ( $48 – $54 USD). If you’re planning to get them while you are overseas please take note of the price! UK sells them at 30 pounds which means it’s a lot cheaper than In Singapore which is about $90SGD. So if you happen to be overseas in US or UK those would be great places to get a pair!  So here are a few examples :


Now if you’re on a tight budget, great news. Cotton-on has their version of Toms at $14.95 SGD. Be warned though, that it’s of a different quality from TOMS and not as comfortable but good enough. Here are the two pairs that I had bought at Cotton – on / Rubi.

I love the front detailing as it gives that natural look. 😀

For more information on TOMS, click the link. 🙂