Of Music & Boyfriends

This post is dedicated to my male readers and female readers with significant others.

Ever wondered how you might get your boyfriend to match with you when you’re all dressed up in mori kei? Some boyfriends may not want to wear like mori boys in Japan but you definitely can convince them to try out a more casual style without going overboard either. At the same time, for those a little less girly, can also experiment with these looks. Here are some examples brought to you by Choshinsei.

They kept the basic common colors seen on mori girl coordinates and add clothing articles such as scarfs and vests. Adding on to the look are boots.

I’ve not done a music post since my last blog so here we go. Introducing the boys above from Korea, Choshinsei, also known as SuperNova and originally as Choshinsung. They are made up of 6 singers, Yunhak, Sungje, Kwangsu, Sungmo, jihyuk and Geonil. They sing both korean and Japanese songs. I’m not a fan of them but I do quite like their music videos. So here is a few videos I’d like to share.

Here’s one where they sing in korean. I’m adding this just cause I like them in suits . 🙂

Hope you enjoy that!