Franche lippée x Uniqlo + Review

Photos: Uniqlo

Franche lippée, is a Japanese apparel brand. The meaning behind this brand is “Truly Special treats made with love”. It’s prints features animals and nature motifs that are usually found in mori girl fashion. The prints are really cute and I was surprise at how vibrant the colors were in real life. Uniqlo has collaborated with franche lippée from their cherir la femme line, producing UT shirts that goes for a very affordable price of $24.90 (SGD).

Here are the available prints at Uniqlo.

I must be honest though, I wasn’t that impressed in real life only because it truly reminds me of my bedsheets from childhood. The prints are really cute but some of the colors were abit too much for me, as some appear almost neon in real life! Material wise it’s really comfortable. I would probably get 3 out of the whole collection. However, when it comes to bags, it’s a different story, I honestly prefer their bags and other accessories rather than clothing in this collection. It’s probably one of the reasons I gave in to Theatre products, despite the difference in price!

I ended up buying the bunny one in the safest mori color and also because I wanted to be able to wear it out often and can probably do about 3 different looks with it. Here’s my take on this collection.


I actually do think that all the Tshirts above would look good with vests to tone down those colors!

Their other collection is worth a look so do head over to their official website which you can enter by clicking the logo or from the mori girl shop list on the right hand corner.

Apart from their official website, you can also join their facebook group for updates and links etc.

Signing out!