Potpourri Hair Piece tutorial

First of all, this is a very random decision! It’s not too long ago that I lost my favourite hairpiece…but i decided to make a new one while window shopping. It was a “what if…?” moment.

Not the best thing I’ve made but it was quite fun.

Total damage: $5

Things you’ll need :

1. Glue (white glue, strong glue, UHU glue, Craft glue – any one of these)

2. Scissors

3. Potpourri pack of choice ( I chose lavender)

4.  A piece of Felt

5. Hair Clips

Step 1

Cut the piece of felt into a circle. I wanted it be a little bit firmer so I cut two pieces and stick them together!

Step 2

Map out the chosen pieces from the potpourri pack to see how you want it to look like roughly.

Step 3

This can be done after step 1 but it’s up to you. open the hair clips and place them on the felt. Glue a small piece of felt over the part where the hair clip is placed on the felt. Only the top part of the hair clip should be exposed. If you have a bigger hair clip one would do. I only had small ones so in order to support this, I put in two. You must remember that this might be a little heavy so sturdy clips would be real good.

Step 4

Glue everything into place except the main center piece. As you can see even though you are gluing down everything, things do stick out

Step 5

So that is why I decided to place another piece of felt to “seal it in”

Step 6

Lastly stick the center piece. and Voila! you are done! Now leave it to dry~

You can use this as a headpiece or even replace it as a brooch pin. I didn’t really want to post my webcam photo…of me wearing it, but just this once I will…forgive my unkempt hair and make up less face. 😉

Do try it out!