Mori Snap

I’ve been wanting to do More mori snaps on the streets and I’m gonna hopefully do much more of these in the future starting from overseas. So i’ll be visiting different countries in search for pretty mori girls~ My first stop would be  hopefully Taiwan and  I will do a shopping and experience report~ For now, lets enjoy these two photos.


Photos by : Karmen Siew

So a very lovely coordinate, simple but very lovely in terms of details. You can’t see it here but her blouse has pretty lace details. Just a little clothing and styling manipulation could make her super dolly kei.

It’s a pity that the cute lace pants aren’t shown here! pretty bag from Cuccia. As you can see not too much layers. In a very humid country like Singapore, it’ll just make you melt into a gross puddle of sweat if you wear too many layers. Simple dressing for a nice mini gathering for brunch. I’m still very much in love with maxi dresses for mori girls!


Next post will be coming shortly~