HongKong <3

HongKong was fantastic even though the sweltering heat made me constantly dizzy, sweaty and thirsty. Nevertheless, I LOVE HONGKONG! THANK YOU SO MUCH HONGKONG FOR GIVING ME THE BEST TIME I’VE HAD IN AWHILE! I met so many lovely and friendly local people, including the loves of my life a.k.a Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic from 30 seconds to mars! Also, I’d like to thank Michelle of Lolita Summer for putting up with me. ( I’ll be featuring her shop and crafts soon).

I’ve shopped like crazy although it wasn’t all clothes, mostly shoes, bags and BJD related items. I manage to score dolly-kei items, found cool vintage shops and of course mori-girl shops. I would really love to share everything all at once to my dear readers but unfortunately I’ll be flying off again, very soon, this time to London. (If any of you are in London, mail me! we could get together.)

Anyway, as I said before, it was really really hot and finding mori girls on the streets was challenging and it was really really crowded due to the book fair and other events. So unfortunately Mori snaps didn’t happen, even I had to dress down! However,

the good thing is, I pretty much found lovely shops to share with you all + photos etc.

So please bare with me a little more for the upcoming updates. I’ll try to post something this week. Thank you!