HongKong Part 1 : Argyle Street

Hello dear readers! So I’m now in London and finally have some time to update! So here we go.

So it was a blistering hot day when I went to Argyle Street. This is one of those places you must visit if you love Japanese fashion at a good affordable price. It’s mostly Gyaru style but there are lots of clothes that fits the mori-girl style well too. So let me take you on a little tour around Argyle street.

I took the MTR (HK’s tube) to MongKok and arrived here.

Argyle street is really huge! So remember, you have to see this sign! Just opposite this sign is the place that we’re heading to.

So this is what you have to look for! New Town Mall! I have no idea how to read those Chinese text.

A quick tour around the building, lots of Gyaru clothes, you must try to check out everyplace if possible before buying something

as you may find other shops selling the same thing at a cheaper price. Lots of pretty shoes as well. You can expect to find some

accessories from Liz Lisa and Paris Kids on the 4th floor if i’m not wrong. It’s just a small stall though so don’t expect too much.

So here are a few shops,

As you can see, crazy gyaru sales! Good thing about it, mori girls wear maxi dresses too, so you could

definitely find something in there.

There are two mori girl related shops that I would recommend, one unfortunately was close every time that I was there.

This shop has lovely shoes and clothing including bags too. Worth the look.

The shop that never opens for me has really lovely mori-girls clothing. They look kinda Korean made to me. I’m guessing that the

prices are a little higher than most shops but you’ll never know till you visit it. They sell some accessories too.

My total damage was a bag and a pair of VW Melissa Wing Replica shoes!Over all I spent no more then $50 USD

well that’s it for now, stay tune for Part two, which features a shop called Miss Summer!

Thank you for waiting!