Under the Sun…

It was a really hot and humid day in Hongkong, my friend and I were really eager to find Ginza Mall at one of the Sai Yeung Choi street. We obviously got lost.
My hopes of finding a nice mori girl were dampen by the sweltering heat. Thank god for Gongcha Bubble tea! We finally found the mall and we were greeted by alot of BJD shops which made me really happy because that was the whole purpose of the destination.

However, Something else caught my eye. A mori-esque shop! So I headed straight towards this little shop of wonders, Miss Summer.

You can imagine how happy I was. Especially when i first saw Michelle, the shop owner. I was practically “drooling” all over her handcrafted mori accessories, especially hairbands.( my weakness!) We spent nearly an hour in her shop appreciating it’s decor and accessories.

My first impression of her was this sweet looking mori girl. She’s really friendly and I felt so welcome in her shop. So the next thing you know, I handed her my name card and asked if I could feature her shop on my blog. She took a look at my card and almost jump out of her seat. “Ah! Mori Girl! That’s me! I am Mori girl!” I’ll never forget that because it was really cute and also it was music to my ears. Not only does she know what mori girl is, SHE IS ONE! I was so happy! She made my trip truly worthwhile! So that was how I met my very first mori girl in Hongkong.

A full report on her shop very very soon.

Also I apologize for such long delays in posting, I have been having some technical difficulties with wordpress or maybe my computer in general. However to make up for it, I’ll be having a giveaway soon! So stay tune for that!

And finally thank you for sticking by and reading this blog!