Shop Feature: Lolita Summer / Miss Summer (Hongkong)


At an early age, Michelle (of Lolita Summer) has always love lace, ruffles, layering, pastels & neutral colors. It’s no wonder that today, we can see that strongly represented in her accessories.

Michelle Summer

What she loves about the mori girl fashion is the idea of putting different outfits together forming a look that can be unexpected & spontaneous in coordinating the looks. To quote her, ” It’s like being a fashion outsider but also dressing effortlessly chic”

Michelle started making accessories in 2006. After graduating, she worked in a fashion company where there were lots of fabric samples. With the unused and unwanted fabrics at her disposal, she had an idea to make use of it to create something fun and wearable, thus Lolita Summer was born.

Her designs are inspired by materials, daily life and things around her. Sometimes each design isn’t just for wearing but also for something function able.

Necklaces are great accessories as they can easily accessorize any coordinate.

With her hardwork and dedication, Michelle finally open her first shop (MISS SUMMER) in December 2010. Just like a showroom, her fancy necklaces are showcased nicely in her cosy looking shop.

Her shop decor was done by her to promote the mori-girl style and the things that she loves. The price range is reasonable especially since she put so much care and effort to hand craft each items.

When asked about her opinion on the definition of a mori girl, she said and I quote,” I think being a mori girl is not just how you dress but also how you live & think: enjoying nature, living an environmentally friendly kind of life.”

She made a comment that I very much relate to but had not realized before. I suppose perhaps it only applies to morigirls living in a dense urban cities. Quoting her, ” To me being a mori girl is a statement to defy the dense and materialistic urban life. That’s what i like about it.”

I asked whether she would consider creating dolly kei inspired accessories…well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you are inspired by this too.

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Miss Summer小店
旺角西洋菜南街2A-H 銀城廣場地庫B76舖
Shop B76, Basement, Ginza Plaza, 2A-2H Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Mon-Wed & Fri: 5:30-8:30pm
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Thur: Closed

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