Typhoon Roke


Probably the worst Flight of my entire flying experience. Worst turbulence ever, so much that i wasn’t sure if I could make it to Tokyo in one piece.  I could barely see anything especially when I’m a four-eyed person who probably needs a windshield wiper attached to her spectacles. I was also living in Shinjuku which was pretty much the central of every station line, Thankfully I reached before they started to close lines and all that. The wind was really strong. According to my friends living in Tokyo, that this was probably one of the worst Typhoons that they had in a while. My umbrella ( and probably about a 1000 others) were broken within a few minutes of usage. I ended up just walking without it pushing my luggage and stopping by various places for safety.

Shortly after this photo, I got splashed. My very first trip to Tokyo and I brought rain with me. Once upon a time, when I studied Japanese language, my teacher used to call me “Ame Onna” which literally translate to Rain Woman. Everytime I would go for her lesson, it’ll rain. I was starting to think that was true, especially it was my first trip to Japan.

Took me a long time to find my hotel especially when I had to go through an alternative route and visibility above ground was…pretty much 20% .

Once I settled into the hotel which I was really relieve to find out it was pretty big and cozy for a Japanese hotel, I realize I was so hungry. Going out wasn’t an option, so me and my friend had to get room service. Late that night when it was all calm and cool, we decided to familiarize ourselves with the area, and decided to head down to Kabuki-cho which turn out to be pretty exciting. :3 We pretty much got back to our hotel around 2am plus.