Japan – Rakeru, NishiShinjuku

I’m sure many of you have heard about theme restaurants in Tokyo for example, Christon Cafe, Vampire cafe and Alice in wonderland themed restaurant. On a budget (that actually means, I spent too much money in Harajuku), these restaurants are a no- go for me. Too expensive! I was disappointed though, because it was one of the highlights on my itinerary.

So while we were on the way to Grimoire, all hungry and grumpy, we stumble upon this quaint restaurant called Rakeru. House specialty being Omu-rice of course. Although the name of the omu-rice was really amusing to me. I think Singaporeans would get why it’s pretty funny though. It’s called Kuku rice. I’d love to explain it to all but I shall refrain from it . :X

It definitely was a good find and very affordable. Plus it was kinda themed and food was serve on “The Macmillan Alice” . So it had that Alice in Wonderland themed, thumbs up from me! A set meal would cost you atleast 1600 yen and it was definitely worth the money. The ambiance was great too as was the delicious food I’m about to show you.

This was my set meal, you can either choose salad or corn soup or soup of the day. The bread was so good and seriously this was one of the most decent meal I had since I landed in Tokyo. Very filling . I can see my self coming back here for sure.

Soup and drinks! My friend, Xin Yu had the corn soup. Anyway..I realized that they may have a branch in Singapore….I need to go there. Point is, if theme restaurants are too expensive on your trip, definitely try Rakeru.

It’s Location:

1-12-7 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0023, Japan

*stay tune, i’m currently waiting for my trip photos! Either the next post or the next two post is the give away post :X *