First of all I’d like to thank my best accomplices, Samantha and Xin Yu for their wonderful company and help ❤ Love you both very much!

In my head, I’ve always thought that Grimoire was some ground floor shop like the ones I see at Harajuku, but actually it was on the 7th floor of a building in Shibuya. It didn’t take us that long to find the shop although we thought we’d get lost. I  remember standing outside of the building going “ where is it?” only to turn around seeing the Grimoire sign board. Got to keep your eyes open when finding this building because we almost missed it.

The entrance from out of the lift!

So up we went, this is the entrance . I was greeted with the familiar smell of vintage and antique shops. It truly is like entering another world. The music, the décor and the lighting really creates an interesting ambience. Some of the interior decoration was rather morbidly interesting as we weren’t sure if it was a Replica or the real thing.

Even Saki-san doesn't know if it's real...creepy.


Interior Decoration~ doesn't it remind you a little of Rakeru?

What can I say? I found really lovely things and as a matter of fact, I actually found things from my childhood which truly makes me happy to see it again. It wasn’t just clothes and accessories that they were selling but also some antique items. I was fascinated by almost everything and the accessories were beautiful but really too expensive for me!

The clothes ranges from affordable to very or maybe extremely expensive. Actually I also find some of the clothing to be well priced because I found that it cost pretty much the same as when I shop at Granny’s day out in Singapore. To be honest most of the clothes didn’t really impress me much as it was very much the same like other vintage shops like the ones you can find at Portobello market. However this does not mean you can’t find any gems in there! You really got to look for the right one that’s meant for you. Then again, even if the clothes don’t impress me much, the people wearing it impress me even more with how they style it. Like mori girl an dolly kei, I feel that one should not just judge a one piece out fit just like that. It can be layered/accessorize and somehow it ends up looking amazing.

Look at all the pretty scarves!

From what I’ve seen, vintage scarves, lace collars and big hats are all the rage now. Since it’s getting colder, I’m predicting that fur will make a come back again. Speaking from experience,It’s also true that some of the outfits have been altered as I encountered several pieces that was probably originally like a long dress, altered to a shorter one. So if you want something really original, make sure you ask them or really look at it because it may have been altered from the original.

Hair style wise, the curled bangs are still the in thing apparently, however with variations of the long bob, short bob, long straight or wavy hair.

Me, Sam and the lovely Saki

The staff was really nice and Saki-san was really attentive to us and we got to know her even better and
She totally understood how hot my country is for dolly-kei! Not quite sure if she or her mom stayed in Singapore for awhile, can’t really remember much of the conversation now as most of the time I’m in Grimoire lala land. She was really nice to talk to, and I’m glad I had a translator! Thank you Xin Yu!

So did I end up with anything?

Yes I totally did and it hasn’t even reached 6000yen. Maybe I’ll show it to all one day if I have a chance to do so.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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