Shop:: Wonder Rocket

The first store I saw there was probably Wonder Rocket and of course I was excited. However the excitement kinda died down when I realize how many wonder rocket stores are in this area and didn’t really bother to go in all of them. So on that street alone there are few wonder rocket stores, some with a different name but they’re all the same. The only difference is I can separate them in a few categories. The first one we went was more like the Bargain type, last season, not really nice clothes, lots of maxis, but cheap, also lots of lace vest. Good if you’re going on a budget. The second one was my favorite, it was the more mori-like store and not so Gyaru. The third was more of a casual everyday nothing special type but you can find a few good pieces, the fourth is probably the largest and looks the best. You can’t miss it if you go there. It’s like a cube glass house. Unfortunately it was too crowded to enter.

The second shop was my favorite though. It was small but it was the most mori feel. They had great clothes, a little pricey but affordable, however my advice is not to jump straight into getting it because Harajuku is full of great clothes and many of them are similar and the price varies alot. I didn’t bother taking alot of photos in the end for this part. I think there was about 4-5 wonder rockets or more.

The second wonder rocket shop. This is the one that I like the most.The decor was cute and had like those carpet grass kinda thing pasted on the walls. Kinda like a wall Garden!


The more casual, almost everyday clothes of Wonder Rocket. Likely to find a bargain here too.


Wonder Rocket's derpy bunny~ outside the big Wonder Rocket store in the middle. This one has more mori and gyaru-able like clothes.


A silly photo of me with a terrible expression, standing next to derpy bunny.


Well stay tune for the next part of this quick little tour~