Shop:: Romantic Standard

This is one of my new favourites. Romantic Standard has lovely clothes, lovely bargains and affordable prices . Well okay affordable but still pricey but it goes into the list of pricey but worth it. They have everything from clothes, shoes, bags to accessories. Truthfully speaking there are lots of similar shops around and you can definitely find the same or similar items but this shop is a must visit anyway. It gets my vote for the pretty coordination of clothes for the window display.


Romantic Standard Storefront-click to enlarge

Window Display of Romantic Standard

Bargain bins! I pretty much love everything here.


If you’re into dolly kei or vintage remakes or you’re the whimsical type of Mori girl + natural kei or like DE-constructed kinda clothing , then you must have a look at what they have to offer. Even their normal casual clothing are cute and trendy. Over all it’s a pretty darn cool shop. To see more what they have to offer, check out their website online~ Click here~ It’ll be one link you’ll keep in your bookmarks forever. Trust me.

Hope you enjoy that! There’s at least three more parts to this tour left~ Keep tuning in!