Shop:: G2? Garage Sale

Tuck away in the corner, you might miss this shop if not for the bright dress and huge signs. Garage Sale isn’t actually a garage sale but it definitely sent my inner garage sale / flea market / bargains/ thrift hunter alarms, alarming! Unfortunately, the price of the clothing isn’t like a garage sale but who cares? Especially when it’s actually a vintage store. Thats right. G2? is a vintage store in Tokyo.

Tucked away in the corner...look out for the signs!

Like every other vintage shop, you’d expect clothes, hats, accessories , bags and shoes. However I wouldn’t really call it a typical Vintage shop because at first glance, I thought i may be some fairy-kei shop or something. So many tutus. I love vintage shops and this was nicely catergorized too. Some of the Luggage/bag collections are to die for but I had to keep my wallet shut real tight unfortunately. You can pretty much find a number of things here.

Now here’s the highlight. This shop sells a number of Gunne sax dresses, great for mori girls and dolly kei. I reckon that some may be from Jessica McClintock collection. I doubt that this shop sells everything vintage, so I advice you to check with the friendly staff if it’s an original or not. However, if you’re just going for esthetics, then why not? The thing that attracts me most here are the dresses and vintage bags. As compared to Grimoire, I think you may find this more affordable. (That doesn’t meant you can’t find anything in Grimoire that’s affordable! You can!) So if you do go to Takeshita street, keep a look out for this store.