Shop:: SM2

Not gonna say much about SM2 because I’ve already introduced them before. They have quality and beautiful Mori girl clothes. The interior is actually pretty minimal and not over decorated, in my opinion, great music, not overcrowded…just pretty chic shop overall. Price wise, maybe it’s my currency but it’s really expensive to me but to be honest, it’s pretty much the same pricing for brands like Oshara, or Japanese mori-esque clothing in Parco Singapore. So I rather get 2 or 3 beautiful clothing around Harajuku for the price of that one piece of clothing at SM2. Anyway, in my opinion, I always find that it’s quite worth it to get Second hand SM2 clothing from Yahoo auctions or elsewhere.

Anyway this was towards the end, where you cross or turn left to La foret. Photo was taken when you’re on the way back to harajuku station towards the meiji jingu bridge.

Can you spot it?