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Congés payés is a Japanese brand that is also under Adieu Tristesse. The two companies are slightly different though. Congés payés seem to emphasize more on prints and mostly floral in muted to loud colors. These are often seen more on their collection of bags and Shoes. Adieu Tristesse on the other hand focuses more on clothing. The common factor here is definitely casual and comfort.

Credit : Adieu Tristesse

It’s more daring in colors and stripes as I’ve seen often at Adieu Tristesse. Price-wise it is definitely not cheap, almost as expensive as SM2 but as usual things do vary. Clothing ranges ¥ 10,000 – ¥20,000

Credit: Adieu Tristesse

To be honest some of the clothing here are quite repetitive in a sense that it’s mostly very simple cuts and very basic but I guess you’re paying for quality and comfort. However I’ll recommend this brand to older Mori girls for those seeking very simple, everyday look.


Credit: Adieu Tristesse

One thing I do like about this brand is that, although it’s very plain and simple, I really think that is when the accessories come in handy to spice it up a bit. Just like if someone is wearing all black, all you need is one pop of color to make everything stand out a little better! Thus, I can understand why their accessories can be overpoweringly floral and loud at times. What i do really like, is their scarfs/Shawls though.

Credit: Adieu Tristesse

PURSE ¥7,770
CARD CASE ¥3,675

You can find one of the shop addresses here in Tokyo : ■ ADIEU TRISTESSE LOISIR 下北沢店 ■東京都世田谷区北沢2-30-7~102
営業時間 11:00~20:00 (水曜定休)

More Info: http://adieu-tristesse.jp/info/

Other Links for Shopping Online: https://shop.bigi.co.jp/

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