Anemask? Anemosk? Anemusk?

I completely forgot the name of this shop but I think it’s a few shops down after a few wonder rocket. But Anyway, you’ll see the banner and clothes being displayed out. Don’t forget to visit this little shop, who by the way I think has a cool but polite Japanese guy serving you. This shop has a small area that sells Second hand clothes…though i think they sorta meant vintage seeing what they have. Most of the things in there are similar to what everyone else in Harajuku may have to offer but do pop by, you’ll never know what you’ll find! So After taking a look, I scored myself a beautiful skirt for 3500 yen!


I don't know why I only have one photo of this.


And finally months after i left this beautiful country, I wore it out to meet my dear friend who just flew from Australia. So she “street snap” me as I did with her. Thats the skirt i bought, it’s actually in navy blue with lovely prints and its a little bit long but I like it that way. Also the top is from Axes Femme, One of my favourite brands. I’ll try to feature that someday…will probably gather a wardrobe haul of it.

Hair piece: H&M Necklace: Covent Garden Flea Market Top: Axes Femme Skirt: Anemosk? socks: Daiso shoes: Primark Bag: from New town mall, Hongkong


Really a mixture of everything from everywhere, even Daiso! In regards to the giveaway, if you haven’t heard of it yet, If we do hit our target! I’ll throw in another swimmer headphones to giveaway. So far the name list keeps growing and so are the chances of winning it! So don’t forget to share, and like the FB page!

Things to look forward to in the coming posts…(in no order)

1. Animals. I do hope you like Animals.

2. Another Grimoire related review…I’ll give you a hint. V…..T….

3. Wig Review

4. A random number of backlogs! :X