Rosebullet @ Fashion Steps out 2012 Singapore

Yesterday in Orchard Road, Singapore, the roads were closed for two hours for FSO 2012, which stands for Fashion Steps Out .

One of the featured brands was Rose bullet. For those who aren’t familiar with Rose Bullet is a Japanese brand. You may have seen it in Gyaru fashion magazines such as ViVi. This season’s collection has a number of lovely pastel colored coordinates. Do check out the website. I think for those mori girls who love color, you can definitely take some ideas and incorporate it to your mori girl outfits.

So yesterday was an absolutely busy day for me, because my colleagues were doing the hairstyles for the rose bullet models for the brand’s runway, which would mean total chaos back at the salon because we were short handed. I could have attended it myself but I was far too tired out by the chaos but my Colleagues did a great job(as expected)! I’ll share more photos on the hair style which i think would be pretty cute for mori girls~ Mean while enjoy what little photos I have at the moment from other sources. Backstage photos will be posted later.

You can watch a short video here, though the quality is not too good.

credits goes to HerWorld

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