I’m Still Alive! – Simple Hairstyles for Mori Girls

Hello everyone, I’m still alive! Sorry for the lack of updates, there has been a few unfortunate things happening, mainly my Camera has gone completely nuts and damaged, and it took along my memory card with it, corrupting the files.  So a few reviews had to be put on hold, but that will be resolved in a few days time. Thank you for all the patience you have with me. Also we are 3 likes away from releasing the results for the 3 lucky winners for the giveaway. So do like my facebook page!

I usually don’t talk too much about my personal life but this is partly a personal blog as well. Last week, I sent in my resignation to my day job and will leave in August.

I really do miss blogging and it is so difficult to do so when I’m working such long hours with hardly and time for anything. So hopefully in the future I would be able to blog regularly and to find new things from all over.

Meanwhile, as usual I am always very very grateful for my readers. Thank you so much for sticking with me and hope you’ll continue to do so. So enough of this rambling, here are some easy hairstyles that you can try out with your mori-girl coordinates.

credit to SWEET magazine, Scanned by Alicegrimoire

Credit to SWEET magazine, Scanned by AliceGrimoire

Credit to SWEET magazine, Scanned by AliceGrimoire

Thank you!