Shop Review:: Cedar & Pine

Based in Singapore, the online shop ‘Cedar & Pine’ is run by Jennifer and Jasmine. Cedar & Pine carries a line of casual clothing inspired by the mori style. It also carries some prominent mori girl brand such as Earth Music Ecology, Iori and Ehyphen World, just to name a few.


When I came to know about this, I was really excited! Why? Because who wouldn’t be excited if they knew they have “mori people” in this lion city catering to mori needs? Yes , of course we have brands, a number of Japanese mori shops…but the price…always too expensive, if your currency is small. You know I do love a bargain! Anyway, besides that, I think they do have reasonable prices!

I would say that Cedar & Pine suits mori girls who want to stay true to the fashion but in a more practical, casual way of wearing it, however I would also say that they carry clothing items that goes both ways, which is layering, to dress it up or dress it down casually. Ultimately it’s your choice, but hey it’s a good thing to be able to make clothes versatile to the needs of the consumer.

Based on the clothing choices available, they want to create soft looks with the use of neutral colors, layering, crochets and lace through clothing such as flowy dresses, long and tiered skirts, and loose fitting cardigans, usually made of cotton, wool yarn, linen, and other natural materials.

Quoting from them, “These clothes are handpicked to cater to women who prefer to dress in styles that accord with their pace of life and express their self identity rather than following transient fashion trends.”

If you’re not good at coordinating, mixing and matching layers and all that jazz, fret not, because Cedar & Pine has coordinated looks for you to choose from.

Cedar & Pine enjoys putting together looks that stands out from the latest trends advertised in magazines and other medias. It’s comes as complete sets, inclusive of accessories and you don’t even have to think too much about how you’re going to wear it. To top it off, they also offers a 10% discount if you buy the coordinated sets.

As for sizing most of them are free size.

The Review

 Teaser Photo: This item is also available in the shop and it’s one of my choices. Can you tell which one it is? Clue : It’s a top.

First of all, communication between buyers and sellers is very important especially when you shop online. I must say Jasmine and Jennifer are really friendly and easy to communicate.

 The item was located in Hongkong, but the shipping was fast and the item was delivered in perfect condition. Most items are however shipped from Singapore.  Also for those who are interested, they take payment by bank transfer(for locals) and Credit card via Paypal.

Anyway, when I received my package, I got a shock, because it was from Earth,Music &Ecology and it was just stunning in real life. Beautiful lace was used, and you can use it in various ways.

Overall I was impressed. So Cedar & Pine gets thumbs up and I do recommend everyone to support them.

Now here’s the good news dear readers, go check out their website, and if you like something and want to buy it, you’ll get a 20% discount valid for a month, because you are my lovely readers yes?

So how does one get the discount? Easy, just type alicegrimoire before you check out!

Do join their mailing list to keep track of offers and new arrivals and for Singaporeans, who knows? They might set up a stall at S*CAPE park again? Only way to find out and keep track is to join their mailing list! Or alternatively check out their Facebook page.

Hope you do enjoy the review, and stay tune for more reviews that are lined up for this April and May!