Muchacha-Neko Collection

The recent Muchacha magazine probably has one of the best free bags ever. Then again it’s one pricey magazine, though I couldn’t pass this one up! Reason being…well LOOK AT IT! HOW CUTE IS THIS? AND IT’S HUGE! It’s also because i’m a cat lover.

Isn’t it just adorable? And look at that bored cat’s face! hehe

So if you have the opportunity to go grab this magazine, DO IT! If you like cats of course. This one has a full photo of the bags.

Apart from the bags, I really like the muchacha dresses that costs a bomb! If you followed my blog from the beginning, I mention something about loving muchacha, I never thought i see even more weird things. I can’t believe it use to be a children’s brand! It really has weird things but i love it anyway. If you notice, the background of my blog has changed. It is also by muchacha and it’s actually a textile print from their collection. I guess their items  is more suited to dolly-kei but i’m sure it can be used for morigirls who’s a little more quirky and  for those who want to accessorize a little in a more eccentric sort of way.

Anyway here is their Neko collection. I just adore that black dress! Never mind if it makes me a lonely cat lady!! I am also attracted that neko eyed collar necklace! I’ll share a little more of my top picks with you from muchacha.

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