Muchacha socks and tights

Finally the last installment of Muchacha! I love socks, printed socks and tights, I have so many! Look at those bunny printed socks! Actually everything here to me is really cute ! Don’t you just want them?

Also to answer Sapphira’s question, Yes Muchacha does have a physical store or maybe it’s an office :X, unfortunately you cannot find it in La foret or Tokyo for that matter! They mainly sell items online through zozotown and others platforms, the web address is here. The store’s address is:


大阪市西区土佐堀2-1-8 5F

Which is in West Osaka? Tosabori?  (Anyone who can read Japanese can clarify this with me?)


Anyway we’ve come to the end of the Muchacha flood. I hope you all enjoy this and if you are able to purchase this magazine, please do so and support them. 🙂