Morigirl Lesson 6 Top picks

Once again we see the return of two familiar faces~ I do like when they model mori girl clothes! Anyway this is one of my mori girl top picks for simple coordinate.


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If i’m not wrong this page says that the color scheme is Macaron color? I don’t understand Japanese well but I can sort of read so if i’m wrong do correct me.  What I do notice about the trends in lesson 6 , it has more attention to (little) details and it’s not as simple  as before but perhaps that is to make up for being unable to layer it too much because of the weather. More is less , less is more. Simple top and not so simple skirt. Again with the second girl. simple everything, but the shawl is far from simple. Get what i mean? So its the little details that you have to look out for. Also alot of shawl is being used this season. May i direct your attention to, this top from Earth Music and Ecology, which you can easily buy from cedar & pine because it’s one of the frequent outfits that you can see appearing in mori girl lesson 6. It is also the top that I currently own thanks to them 🙂 So did you guess it right?

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