Franc Franc top picks!

Okay so basically, my photos don’t do justice to anything. So I apologize in advance. I’m working my way to get that new  camera ! I am, however sure that you have clicked the link and seen the better photos of the food and etc. So here’s a few top picks that i chosen. Although some is missing, so before I start I’d like to say that, Franc Franc has awesome scented candles, scented oils and potpourri. Some of the items are quirky too. I find that this shop caters to men or women in their 20s to 30s. It’s a very interesting lifestyle shop. So here we go…



A lighted swallow bird’s nest? Pretty ball of light and birds


If pigs could fly….now they can!


mad tea party? anyone?


A squirrel for your garden?



Dragon fly stirrer


Fruity bath fizzers


Wooden bird clock


Fawns in a secret book compartment!


Well i have many many more photos I can share but alas I think it’s better if you discover the shop yourself. They have alot of things and it’s very affordable and not too expensive. Last photo of the day~ my coordi for the day.

Hat: no brand

Bag: Liz Lisa

Dress: Pur Colore

Shoes: no brand

Stockings: Tiny toadstool

Champagne glass: unknown liquid substance 😀


I can’t help but feel i have that Maria from the sound of music feel XD Anyway decided not to layer to much and just end up going simple. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this brief post!