Most of the time I would have been annoyed at long transits at the airport. I had 8 hours worth of transit time and I had just landed in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at dawn. I’ve never been to Amsterdam so I decided to take advantage of the transit. Fortunately they had a quick tour/ excursion for transit tourists. How lucky. So of course, I decided to take up on that. At 45 euros it wasn’t cheap but I sure wasn’t going to wait for 8 hours in the airport!

At about 8, the tour departs to parts of Amsterdam. After being on the plane for about 13 hours or so, I was extremely happy to be on land and seeing beautiful places. It seems that these people know how to live! As i mention on my Facebook, the people living near the river had magical looking gardens with art sculptures and all.


More Windmill


The houses and rooms look like they pop out of some housing interior decor magazine. It was perfection. Amsterdam is really flat country and everyone here seems to be cycling. Not in a chaotic way though. Orderly. Lots and lots of art museum to see. Home of Rembrandt arts , exquisite works indeed, and i really love my Rembrandt pastel chalks! Not forgetting Van Gogh!

Apart from that, the red light district is really…weird. Anyway I really had fun, as much as i like the city, I truly enjoyed the nature that was offered to me. It makes my inner mori girl so happy. Windmills and all.

Last but not least, if you happen to transit in Schiphol Airport for a while, when you go out of it, YOU HAVE TO GET SOME HOT PANINI’S IN THE BASEMENT. At about 3 euros + they taste fantastic. Best Panini’s i’ve ever had.

I am sure I will be back one day! Till then, Au revoir Amsterdam.