London – Juliette Et Justine

I had finally arrived in London on the 7th of september, even though I should have been here days before but I’ll spare you the drama. The Juliette et Justine Brand party would take place the next day and really I was quite exhausted from all that traveling and dragging luggages, not just mine but also a friend of mine so I was not in the very best of moods too! I went back home and just plopped on my bed not caring what might happen tomorrow, ( which was not such a great idea because i forgot to wear one of my outer piece of clothing. T_T)

This was my first Lolita brand party ever and I must say, the London Tea Party Club has surely made an deep impression on me. This brand party was also one that was pretty international. I can tell you that over the two days I’ve probably made a number of international friends!

(L to R) Akira Tanaka, Mariko Suzuki, Mari Nakamura, Koitsukihime

Moving on, this was the 5th year anniversary for the Tea party club and their special guest is of course the Head Designer of Juliette et Justine, Mari Nakamura, Editor of Gothic Lolita Bible, Mariko Suzuki ,Akira Tanaka from Tony’s Collection INC and of course the doll maker Koitsukihime.

Here are some of the interesting parts of the interview that I’ve noted down in my own words.

I’m a Koitsukihime fan for a long time. The very first time I came across her work was Malice Mizer’s Gardenia Music Video. That was probably the first time i had seen a Ball jointed doll. While most ball jointed doll today are beautiful, hers are not really suited to the mass. Some would say that they are more creepy looking. Then again according to her, her dolls are not really for playing either. To me they are works of art and I had the pleasure of seeing it in real life for the first time.

So a question was raised on where she gets her inspiration? According to her, she is influence by western artwork (This i’m assuming works from baroque, renaissance, etc european paintings artwork) She also wanted it to represent the soul.

At this instance i understood why some of her dolls have certain expressions on their faces. Apart from her work with dolls, she is likely to do more collaboration works for clothing.

Me and Koitsukihime

Next is Mari Nakamura, head designer of Juliette et Justine. This question was actually for Mariko Suzuki.

How old is too old for someone to wear lolita?

While Suzuki gives an idea that there is a certain age limit to wearing it, Nakamura was quick to clarify that, her designs are actually more targeted to suit older people. In my own interpretation and understanding of the lolita fashion, I think what she meant was, yes there is not really an age limit to Lolita fashion (you could be 50 but look young and still look good in lolita). To make it even clearer, I felt that Lolita fashion evolves with you from the start. For example, when you’re younger perhaps you like sweet lolita but as you gradually grow older your taste can shift to lolita clothing like Juliette et Justine. From personal experience and my views on some of my lolita friends, as they get older, it gets more tone down and more classic and elegant.

In relation to Mori girls, some like to be rather elaborate in their styles and the older ones are simpler while the some of the younger generation are more bold and elaborate. Like a transition.

Mari and I~

Moving on, a question was raised whether in the future she would feature models of different skin tones and ethnicity for her clothing line. Her reply was that she does have the intention to do so, however most of the time they usually work with models who are presented to her.

Suzuki was asked if she like any other styles, with which she quickly replied with a simple no. She’s definitely a lolita for the long run.

To be honest i was rather intimidated by Akira Tanaka…but i won a raffle and he gave a tea book…:x

Akira didn’t get as much questions but he did leave a tip. If you want longer lasting curls, Keep the curling iron on the hair and spray it and wait awhile before releasing it.

I am hoping that Nakamura will hear the pleas of her fans, especially mine, who needs her clothing in a bigger size! What i can tell you is that she does take it seriously and perhaps we will see it in size 3!

Anyway, Nakamura is really a wonderful sweet person and I will elaborate more in my next post! So stay tune!~ 🙂