London – Juliette et Justine Runway


Charring Cross Guoman Hotel, Ball room

I’ve been dragging this too long, so gonna move it along quickly. So after the Q&A with the guests, there was a break and people flock over to the other room to see the goods on sale, and there were others like me who form a team and join in a scavenger hunt.

Austrian Flower Pot Team! Dani, Eve, Me, Wilde,Nana

My tea was called Austrian flower pot because almost everyone was Austrian, Austrian neighbour, or going to Austria. Though of course, i’m the only non austrian speaking one. I love them all. We almost won , came in second. We lost only because we had not much clue on the questions that our english competitors knew so well!

After that, the runway started, with two lovely ladies singing an aria for some part of the runway. I won’t waste your time with my terrible photos, instead you can see the stills on this blog capturing it well.

And you could watch it. : ) So for the next two days or so, i will post the final installment of this very long post.

The first dress is all kinds of awesome. Videos credit to duuckbutt.