London – Juliette et Justine Tea party

Everyone who was able to attend the event, gets a 2000 yen off voucher! amazing!
Also a mirror made by the tea party club.

So finally we’ve come to the second last post of this event, i know it took forever! The last post will just be photos of the wonderful people i’ve met. On that day, was the tea party as well as the results of those who took part in the 3 competitions. I myself took part in two of the competitions , however, I didn’t win anything unfortunately, but i did win a number of raffles. I must have had lucky numbers!

Different designs!

So, I do apologize in advance if you start being hungry now, because i’m going to post some food photos. One thing I had fun with was teaching my new friends who sat with me, on how to eat scones. When I saw Jam I was very very sure they would serve scones! and they did.

Half of the table!~ From Austria and Germany

I got impatient…and decorated the scone a lil…ignore the cream and my sandwich…




So after all that munching and drinking lots of tea, they announced the winners etc and I won a couple of nice expensive things. Then my friend Dani, who sat next to me was really a big winner. She bagged 2 big prizes , winning the Doll-like competition which gave her a signed book of Koitsukihime’s works, and also the make up competition, a bag full of expensive make up products.



That’s about it! Next post will come in a day or two and it’ll be the final one of this tea party. Then we can move on to a different country! Thanks for sticking with me and reading through all this even though it’s not really a morigirl post at all, but I know alot of mori girls who are lolita too right? 🙂 Stay tune!