London – and the beautiful people I’ve met

We’ve come to the last installment of the Juliette et Justine posts. Hurray! So these are a few people I took photos of, each of them very lovely and wonderful. Forgive me if you see yourself and I got your name wrong. So here we go!


The lovely Felicity from UK, You may see her around this blog again some time soon perhaps!


The lovely Dani from Austria who was the very first person I bumped into looking all disheveled from that traveling.


Eve and Nana of Lolita KompleX From Austria , love hanging out with them!



Anna from the UK, mori girl mix with lolita, lovely coordinate!


Rachel? Rebecca? I’m really sorry, I don’t remember their names but I thought they were very very beautiful at the meet. I thought they were modelling! Sweet and friendly too. I think both from the UK too.


Check out her beautiful headpiece that she made!


Katharine from Bristol,UK …and her hair is not a’s beautiful and very real! ❤


Bunnyluxe from Brighton,UK , very pretty, very creative! that i have to post two photos of her.


Bunnyluxe again, Lovely coordinate!


and finally to end this post nicely~ heres a photo of me, Mariko Suzuki, me, Karmen and Mari Nakamura~ I hope you enjoy this four part event report of sorts! Thank you for reading it!