Prague~ Czech Republic

Prague is probably one of my best travel decisions. It’s so beautiful in Prague and most of the people are wonderful. It’s also the land surrounded by art Nouveau!

When I landed in prague it was already raining and chilly. So when I finally got to my accommodation, I was so happy that it was a comfortable homey place, and best of all it had a 5 star view!

A beautiful view from my window!

I was served a nice pot of really nice chinese tea to warm myself up. Rested abit before exploring the place with a mental map. I underestimated the size of prague…because mental map distance is totally different even though I was heading in the right direction.

It’s quite easy getting around prague except for the names of places. Very hard to pronounce or hear but that could be easily over come. On my way i do noticed something about prague, in outskirts and also in town, there are alot of second hand shops. Do you know how excited i got? This is bohemia land! Unfortunately though, i only manage to go to one second hand shop, strangely, called revenge! There is nothing revengeful there. However, i did find a few pieces that was lovely, bohemian dolly kei outfit pieces, really good quality branded but more than half price slashed outfits. Basically I think you can find alot of cool things in this shop and other 2nd hand shops here. So if you are in prague and tired of the normal shopping, go check out 2nd hand shops, best place to find morigirl pieces and dolly kei. I think dolly kei might be easier to find there though. Second hand shops are usually along the streets.

Another thing i found out, dumplings aren’t dumplings, they look more like potato cakes or bread cakes…i don’t know. Taste good though.
Prague has fantastic nature spots and very medieval. Food prices differ greatly in the city and in the residential areas and they’re not allowed to charge you service tax…it doesn’t exist there. it’s illegal.

Moving on.

I won’t share too much of the common touristy photos that you can find anywhere online, just a few thats all. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Also feel free to ask me anything about prague!

Scenic view, the palace and everything else!

in the middle of some street…suddenly nature takes over? pretty!

cool art in the carpark! oh yes and this is new by that 2nd hand store i was talking about! 🙂

At the palace viewing Prague and beyond!

and finally~ the night view from my place.. you can even see the palace from here!

So if you like ghosts, legends, history, magic, architecture and lots of beef goulash(and alot more), go to Prague. It’s a lovely place to get lost in amazement.