Jrunway- Misako Aoki Tea Party (Singapore)

Last Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Misako Aoki, Japan’s Ambassador of cute. It was most likely the very first Lolita meet ever organized by Jrunway which is also a very new company in Singapore. I’ve decided to not rant too much about them since they are new here and all, perhaps they were still disorganized. It was also suppose to be more PUTUMAYO biased meet but then again not many Singapore lolitas actually own PUTUMAYO but atleast one of my friends did turn up in full PUTUMAYO, counts for something right?

Only 30 people are selected to attend this tea party . Unfortunately some did not showed up and this greatly annoyed me because so many people had wanted to meet her, yet these people did not give up their place or showed up or were even the first 30 people.

Then again, the venue was terribly small and it could barely fit 30 people, seats were that limited.

Not many really touched their cakes and we had one miserable tea. The rule was that no one was supposed to take photos of Misako during the session, however people outside the cafe can go snap crazy . Weird eh? It was a weird open concept i don’t get and it’s terribly noisy i could barely hear what they said.

Anyway it started of with Misako being introduced to us, and a short interview session by Jrunway. Misako introduced what she was wearing and her looks from hair to make up. Her make up of course being doll like with the two pink cheeks. Her favourite colour is pink.She mentioned that she went around the tourist attractions in Singapore. Frankly i’m amazed she got to do so much in one day, because I was suppose to fetch her with my friends at 6 am plus in the morning ( but i fell sick). So perhaps from that time onwards it’s exploring time for her. Poor girl, must be so tired, she kept yawning (cutely). It was so nice of her to bring along the little gift that my friends and I worked on the night before. Credits to the genius who decided to give her a pink merlion! I sewed it a bonnet and decorate it abit. Turn out pretty cute!

Credits to Xin Yu for this photo.

She showed it to everyone, and to be honest i felt really happy and shy . I “broke” my back from all that sewing.

So after which they gave us the opportunity to ask her questions. My crazy friend Sakky asked her a strange question based on her old interviews about how she likes looking at veins at the wrist to arms area especially if they bulge, because it was easier to inject or something like that. She asked if she had seen anyone in Singapore with nice veins yet. Well…apparently not…but i was very amused that everyone started showing her theirveins…

I unfortunately, due to the lack of (hearing/lostintranslation/ visibility) I don’t really know who else asked questions but these are a few I remembered and heard. I’ll start with the one where someone ask her how many dresses she own. Apparently she owns about a hundred dresses! Not that i’m surprised. I bet theres more. Well from this question, we also found out that there will be a feature of her on NHK ( i think) that gives us a glimpse of her room and perhaps walk in closet, due sometime in November.

If there was one wish that she could have, what would it be? Oh sweet Misako just wants to have a prince that will take care of her! I think it’s high time too!

Giving out her photocards to Lolita fans and signing them~!

Another question was something like , if your house was on fire, if you could take one dress which would it be? She cutely replies that she’d layer all the dresses she’d like on herself and escape! She’s a trendy person so she likes new trendy clothes, so she’d probably save that one first.

I asked her question if she would wear a different style other than lolita? She replied that she would wear emily cute. Not really surprise because I use to see her wear emikyu alot last time. She says she really loves emikyu.

She also asked us questions like where do we have our tea parties and where we get our Lolita clothing.

So after all that, it concluded with photo sessions etc. I honestly am not a huge fan of her but she’s so likable and polite, that I came back liking her evenmore than I used to.

It’s funny how people think there are no lolitas here in Singapore…If only they knew! (well now they sort of know! so we hope misako comes back!)

Apart from her, I also met a really cool person, Katsuda-san is a putumayo rep and I really enjoyed talking to her…(with my translators of course) She was so amazed that we know so much!

Sakky, Katsuda, Me

So that is end of the tea party with Misako! The following day was the launch party of Jrunway which she was modeled in! That will be up in the next post.