Vienna~ Miss Lilly’s Hats

I had a short but lovely time in Vienna, and i was able to meet one of the girls in my morigirl group which was fantastic! I manage to do a quick tour on the fiaker which was quite fun especially when you are wearing lolita and waving like a royalty! Extremely in my own world by then.

I met up with my new Austrian friends i made in London, and they took me to take a look at their subculture shops, after which we headed to the Vienna Vintage Salon!

To be honest this is my first Vintage Salon ever, I wish i could have stayed longer to watch burlesque performances but alas, i had to go. However i did meet wonderfully people! One of them happen to be a beautiful lady, Niki Osl.

Niki Osl is the art director and designer of miss lilly’s hats. She currently lives and works in Vienna.
She hand makes her beautiful accessories from old and vintage flowers. The brand name was inspired by her favorite cat, Lilly.

I was lucky to see those beautiful pieces in person, and suddenly i can think of how i can mix it with mori girl look as well as dolly kei. The pieces in fact reminded me of Grimoire’s accessories only miss lilly’s hats are made from vintage materials but isn’t as expensive as Grimoire’s. She’s currently working on an eclectic flowercrown that will have real diamonds in it! Can’t wait to see that.

Miss Lilly’s hats sells a few different items and all comes with a reasonable price, ranging from € 35 to a few hundred euros(but that is to be expected when it comes to quality, vintage materials and original design. Even Taylor Swift has one of these!)The vintage earrings start from € 35, flower crowns start from € 240, alice bands at € 60Flower Barrette at € 65 and Boutonniére at € 35. You can also order a personal design! Her first line of wristbands is in the works and it will be priced about € 35.

I’ve seen them in real life and I really really like the quality and how beautiful it is in real life.

My favourite piece at the vintage salon.

I love the colors!

Here’s a short interview with Niki Osl.

what is your inspiration?

My inspirations are music, art, nature, my mum and my cats. But there are so many things that can be inspiration. I love colours and how they work together is really exciting! There are so many possibilities to mix them, it’s great!

are you opening a physical shop? or people can find your items in a shop?

I just created a online store, it should be ready in february.
You can also buy my headpieces in selected stores in Vienna, Graz, Munich and Cologne.

Are you collaborating with Lena Hoschek ? ( i love this store for it’s clothes and dirndl! do check it out)

It was a collaboration shoot with Lena Hoschek also accessorized her models with mlh in her last “Dirndl” catalogue ( of her traditional line.)

Anything you’d like to say to the readers?

I am very honored that the US Music-and Style Icon Taylor Swift is the proud owner of a mlh flowercrown and that we are working on our first US press release for miss lillys hats. It also means a lot to me to mention, that miss lillys hats is giving back to support straycats. Since “Lilly” my cat and inspiration used to be a straycat, we donate € 5 for every sold mlh flowercrown.

So that concludes the interview, I thank Niki for taking the time to answer my questions. I really hope that you enjoy it and also take the time to see her wonderful works!

Visit her website at Miss Lilly’s hats

Facebook : Miss Lilly’s hats