ANREALAGE – hello shibuya tokyo

First of all I apologize for not updating as much as i would have liked to. I do however sometimes update on facebook, so if you haven’t liked my page yet please do! I have a serious backlog of things to update here! So bear with me. Also I know that nowadays my blog isn’t just about Morigirl, as much as i would like to update about that and aspects of it…my life did a complete turn around on me suddenly and then i have no time to do anything mori. Not forgetting the heat!!!

So again, bear with me on the backlog and even if it’s not morigirl or dolly kei related. My aim has always been to introduce designers and brands from Japan, Thailand and wherever else my journey leads me to.

So today i’ll be introducing ANREALAGE. We were lucky to be able to attend the runway thanks to Ziggy magazine.

The name ANREALAGE comes from the combination of ” A REAL”(ordinary), “UN REAL” (extraordinary) and “AGE” (era). The clothing was created with the philosophy that god dwells within the details and is characterized by vivid and detailed patchwork deigns with creative shapes that are not constrained by the shape of the human body. (Source: helloshibuyatokyo)

The runway it self was surreal at first and slowly when the lights went back on we were sent into an explosion of colors. Very interesting and very intricate patterns.

The colors were well balanced and those head pieces are really cool!

One of my favourite pieces…

Well thats about it! Credits to Xin Yu for being my assistant! I’m so glad to finally wrap this up. Damn you procrastination!! Also on that day Xin yu was wearing a very nice mori Coordi…so i must share it afterall!