Jun Okamoto

I know I have been away for quite some time..again backlog of news…I still haven’t posted about Bangkok! and now i’m going again! haha well lets stop procrastinating shall we.

JUN OKAMOTO the self named brand  was established in 2005 in Paris after working as an assistant for Alexandre Matthieu. JUN OKAMOTO was first exhibited in Japan in the 2007 spring/summer season. He launched his very first shop in 2011 called, Wallflower by Jun Okamoto, located in his hometown of Kumamoto, Japan. The following year he was nominated as one of the designers of FIGHT FASHION FUND , Japan’s first fashion fun led by Parco.

This year 2013 Jun Okamoto was part of the AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL 2013 in Singapore, i manage to attend it. It was a beautiful collection, a lovely use of colours and flow. I don’t know if you can tell from reading my posts but I am really into prints and Jun Okamoto had a couple of prints that I love and tights!! The tights were really pretty! Kind of like galaxy tights but more sheer. I really enjoyed the show and not forgetting, AUDI fashion festival always has its perks, great drinks, magnums and slick and cool looking cars and really really fashionable people.

I’ll spare you the bad photos, besides the video has been out for quite some time . Although the collection was slightly different from the show in Singapore, you can still see most of the collection here. Enjoy it!

Also…i was a few inches away when Ashley Isham stepped out of his car…but at that moment i already bored my buggy and was whisked away! ( i protested abit but it just worried the driver who thought he was going to fast…oh well) …and i really like being on a buggy to reach the tent…but thats really another story for another time haha.