Shop Feature : Hysteria Machine

Not long ago I came across an etsy shop, Hysteria Machine and immediately fell in love with the handmade items. To be honest , I came across it on
Facebook and it was having a giveaway. I decided to try my luck but i didn’t win it, instead one of my closest friends whom you would occasionally come
across on this blog actually won! I gave in to my temptations and ordered anyway sharing the shipping cost together. Over the past few weeks, I have seen
Hysteria Machine’s custom made items becoming more and more impressive, and as always wonderful things like this should be shared, especially if the creator herself is a lovely person.

Cara, aged 29 , is the owner of Hysteria Machine. Originally from South Africa, she now resides in England with her husband and her two cats. Cara has been
creating things since she was a child.  ” My amazing parents always encouraged creativity and were instrumental in me getting to the point where I started Hysteria Machine. ”

What inspires you?

Cara: Life inspires me! There is so much beauty and art and magic in the world, so much to see and take inspiration from. That said I am obsessed with tentacles and all things Lovecraft as well as the delicate balance of life and death. Memento Mori and the knowledge that life is fleeting, these themes intrugue me but instead of seeing them as something grim and final to me it is a constant reminder to live in the present and be true to yourself.

Do you sculpt the antlers, tentacles etc? Are they real or did you make them?

Cara: My creations, even the crow skulls are casted from a high quality resin which means that not only are they vegan but they are very strong and solid. The roses I use on my headdresses are made from foam and come in a wide variety of colours.

What kind of commissions do you accept?

Cara: I am happy to accept most commissions so long as they run in the same theme as my shop. I have made custom hand sculpted horns for clients and put together some wonderful and unique headdresses. There is no harm is asking me if you have a vision you would like to see created, I dont bite,  promise!

So what are you waiting for dear readers? Here are a few photos of me wearing her creations. So far I have bought her antler hairbands, a tiny resin skull and my favourite, the crow skull. Do check out her shop today and enjoy her wonderful creations. & exclusively for my readers, you are entitled to a 15% discount at her
online store, simply typed in  LOVECRAFT15 at the checkout . Thank you for reading~

Beautiful floral antler headband perfect for mori girl~

The headdress is by me, but I added her lovely crow skull in the middle!


This is what I wore on Halloween Masquerade Ball, Using my own accessories alone would be boring! but Check out that crow skull and that cute resin Skull! I really like the resin skull! ~