Banner design Contest for International Mori Girl Facebook Group

Hello dear artistic mori girls! If you haven’t join the morigirl facebook page! what are you waiting for??

As you may have notice we currently do not have any group banner photo at all!~ I would love to showcase some art work! if this is a success then we can do this monthly or bi monthly depending on the response.

Here are the requirements.

1. Image size : 925×250 px
2. Must have the title International Mori Girls
3. Any Medium is allowed. (Eg, traditional art, digital art, photography etc)
4. The theme is of course anything Morigirl related.
5. Unleash your creativity!
6. Send in your entries to moribebe[AT]gmail[dot]com with the subject “morigirlbanner”. Include your FB username and describe a little about your art work .
7. The deadline for all entries is 28th August 2014, voting polls will be open as soon as possible after that.

How to get featured?

Entries will be posted in an album here for viewing.

The winner will be decided through voting poll within the facebook group! So you got to vote for the best art work to be featured!