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With the rising trend of facial mask sheets being used all over Asia, finding a good and affordable pack is easy. However, you will only see great results after prolong use and that also means, theres no immediate guarantees. At the same time, do you really know what your skin needs? Do you know how much you are spending if you accumulate how much you spend on skin products? Just how much is your skin benefiting from it?

Sometimes, you just need to pamper yourself with the help of a professional.

Located conveniently opposite Katong I12 is Sylvia Skin Atelier. Now i’ve been to a few facial spas in my life and I must say, out of all the spas i’ve been to , this one in particular had a welcoming and cosy feeling about it. I was greeted by the beautiful Sylvia Yeo herself. You know what they say about first impressions. Immediately, I knew I was in good hands. For those who don’t know, Sylvia was a feature writer for Seventeen Magazine (Singapore) and a Celebrity Beauty Consultant for “Watsons Beauty Unveiled II” as well as “My Fair Ladies / 小女人,大视界” by Mediacorp Channel 8. She is also the face of Dr. Brandt Skincare and co-founded a new, self-made facial mask formula in conjunction with Hada Labo.

Silvia Skin Atelier is the authorized distributor of Exuviance by NeoStrata, a US skin care company.

The products that was used for my facial.

First, I was escorted to a cosy room for my facial. Ms.Hazel, a friendly consultant with 12 years of experience consulted me on the kind of facial care and treatment best suited for my needs. The facial would take roughly about an hour, from start to finish.

It is such a pleasant experience to have someone consult me with fluent English. I am so relieved because often when I do go for facials or massages, people tend to speak to me in Mandarin, and when they realise i don’t speak mandarin, they will speak to me in Malay, which is alright but my malay language is almost as bad as whatever mandarin that i do know. It’s nice to finally be understood.

That aside, my skin problems were my usual, black head, white head and pore clogging problems. This would mean, I’d need an extraction. Ouch. However, this rejuvenating treatment is what my skin really needs.

The facial starts off by using the cleanser to remove any impurities before the actual facial treatment.

Next, a Revitalising Clarifying Peel booster cream is applied on my face, so that the extraction won’t be as painful. It had that ant bite sensation after awhile. After 5 mins, it was clean off.

Revitalising Plus peel is applied for another 2-3 mins before it was washed off. Revitalising Plus Peel has 30% Glycolic Acid . Its small molecular size makes it effective in removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin.

Moisturiser was then applied and massaged in and it felt so good.

Now on to the extraction! I was nervous because I have done extraction before and the last time that happened it was quite painful and the sensation lasted a few hours after the facial. My face felt a little swollen and my face had like mosquito bumps. Although this is quite normal after extraction, what i was annoyed at was how rough they extracted.

Fortunately, it wasn’t at all like that. It was barely painful, due to the peeling done earlier. Ms. Hazel was quick and careful, asking me from time to time if i was okay. I was surprise that my sensitive skin didn’t even have a bump or felt swollen. (Of course this would vary for others) So this was definitely the best extraction i’ve ever had. After that was done, she trimmed and clean up my eyebrows for me.

A clarifying clay masque was then applied.

To finish it off, a cooling Toner was then applied to my face. After extraction, this felt so refreshing on the skin.

I could definitely feel the difference, my skin was smooth and soft like a baby’s bottom. To be honest, after most facials you would expect this but the difference is, if your skin looks just as good. Here at Sylvia’s Skin Atelier, not only did my skin feel rejuvenated, it also looks rejuvenated. There was no redness or bumps. It looks good and it feels good.

But wait, thats not over. The real test is about to come.

I believe a good and effective facial would last longer than a few hours in a day or 1 whole day. Really.

Good news is, the effects of this facial treatment lasted 2 days and a half. My skin by day 2 was still soft and smooth. My Skin looked a lot less tired as well. During these two days, I was also adviced to not wear make up and also keep away from direct sunlight if possible. I was happy to oblige of course.

Overall I was satisfied and wouldn’t mind signing up for a few sessions more myself.

So do yourself a favour. Treat yourself. Head down to Sylvia Skin Atelier today.

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Sylvia Skin Atelier

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