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Prague~ Czech Republic

Prague is probably one of my best travel decisions. It’s so beautiful in Prague and most of the people are wonderful. It’s also the land surrounded by art Nouveau! When I landed in… Continue reading

Franc Franc top picks!

Okay so basically, my photos don’t do justice to anything. So I apologize in advance. I’m working my way to get that new  camera ! I am, however sure that you have clicked… Continue reading

Anemask? Anemosk? Anemusk?

I completely forgot the name of this shop but I think it’s a few shops down after a few wonder rocket. But Anyway, you’ll see the banner and clothes being displayed out. Don’t… Continue reading

::Shop Intro:: Adieu Tristesse – Congés payés

Congés payés is a Japanese brand that is also under Adieu Tristesse. The two companies are slightly different though. Congés payés seem to emphasize more on prints and mostly floral in muted to… Continue reading

Shop:: SM2

Not gonna say much about SM2 because I’ve already introduced them before. They have quality and beautiful Mori girl clothes. The interior is actually pretty minimal and not over decorated, in my opinion,… Continue reading

Shop:: G2? Garage Sale

Tuck away in the corner, you might miss this shop if not for the bright dress and huge signs. Garage Sale isn’t actually a garage sale but it definitely sent my inner garage… Continue reading

Lets take a quick tour down…

Coming soon on Tuesday!~  


First of all I’d like to thank my best accomplices, Samantha and Xin Yu for their wonderful company and help ❤ Love you both very much! In my head, I’ve always thought that… Continue reading


-because i feel bad that i’m flooded with work and do not have time to do a proper blog entry yet.

Shop Feature: Lolita Summer / Miss Summer (Hongkong)

  At an early age, Michelle (of Lolita Summer) has always love lace, ruffles, layering, pastels & neutral colors. It’s no wonder that today, we can see that strongly represented in her accessories.… Continue reading