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Lace, Fur, Frills, Ruffles & High Tea

It was a warm and humid Saturday morning on the 31stĀ of May, but then again when was it ever not humid in Singapore?   A Lolita/Mori lunch meet was about to take place… Continue reading

Mori Snap

Ms Ying Ying came by today, and I really love what she wore today. The shoes are really striking! I really like this overall look.:)

Style Snap @ franc franc opening

I forgot to post one photo! So everyone was looking really dapper that night, but I thought this guy stood out to me most. So the funny thing was, my boss had asked… Continue reading

Found an Old polaroid photo of me.

This was possibly my second attempt at Dolly Kei, Polaroid Snap during the Alice in Wonderland Theme party…So yes if you’re curious on how I really look like haha…not as cute as the… Continue reading

Outfit Post~ Mori Snap

Met a lovely new friend from Brighton,UK! Sapphira of Elegant Poupee came over to Singapore and we decided to have morning tea which ended up as afternoon tea! So I was suppose to… Continue reading

Mori Snap @ Cosfest 2011

Another Mori snap~ featuring Xiu Min.