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Dolly Wink 5th Anniversary / Guiness World Record!

KOJI is renowned as Japan’s false eyelash pioneer, the very first company to manufacture and sell false eyelashes in Japan. Under KOJI, Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka has flourished. Dolly Wink is most… Continue reading

Ahchachum muchacha special gift box~

As you have probably come to know, i’m a huge fan of ahchachumxmuchacha …and although I probably could not afford to buy their clothes and other products, i’m very happy that i can… Continue reading

Shop Feature : Hysteria Machine

Not long ago I came across an etsy shop, Hysteria Machine and immediately fell in love with the handmade items. To be honest , I came across it on Facebook and it was… Continue reading

Mint Designs – Hello Shibuya Tokyo Runway

Thanks to Ziggymag, I got invited to Hello Shibuya Tokyo Fashion Runway. The event brings pop up stores of  famous brands in Japan all the way till 10th of march at Plaza Singapura… Continue reading

Vienna~ Miss Lilly’s Hats

I had a short but lovely time in Vienna, and i was able to meet one of the girls in my morigirl group which was fantastic! I manage to do a quick tour… Continue reading

:: KEYS:: by Moltobene

Today i’m reviewing a hair product by Moltobene. Moltobene is a Japanese Company and it’s products are widely use in Japan. This product is called KEYS-C treatment and is best for those who… Continue reading

Shop Review:: Cedar & Pine

Based in Singapore, the online shop ‘Cedar & Pine’ is run by Jennifer and Jasmine. Cedar & Pine carries a line of casual clothing inspired by the mori style. It also carries some… Continue reading

Teaser: Grimoire’s Verum Tights

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Been holding this back for too long.

Shop Feature: Lolita Summer / Miss Summer (Hongkong)

  At an early age, Michelle (of Lolita Summer) has always love lace, ruffles, layering, pastels & neutral colors. It’s no wonder that today, we can see that strongly represented in her accessories.… Continue reading

Just Taking a walk…