Inspiration – Clean Style


Honestly, it took great resistance to post this because I really like this brand (but I had to finish my thesis first!) and I wish I had the opportunity to shop here. Nevertheless,… Continue reading

Morigirl Room Inspiration

Mori Girl Room

Little details goes a long way. 🙂  


I must admit that what got me into Mori-kei is actually SM2. Not only do I love their clothes, but I also love how they do their editorials and photo shoots . SM2… Continue reading

Earth, music and Ecology

Casual Clothing designed from natural fabrics! I’m glad that this is available in my country! Click the logo to get to their online Shop. They have a facebook page as well.

Mori Girl Coordinate Inspiration

Source: Morigirl Vol.3


I love Muchacha and its prints like Rabbits that look like they pop out of Alice in Wonderland and Creepy looking Antique dolls. It’s quirky, eccentric and rather charming in my opinion. I… Continue reading

Mori Hairstyle Inspiration

Two photos for hair inspiration! It’s always nice to add simple accessories to the hairstyles.

Morigirl Hairstyles -DIY

source: Mori Girl Vol.3 *Please note that these aren’t translations, but the methods I would use to achieve these hairstyles* The things you need: 2 big hair rollers , 1 Curling Iron, a… Continue reading